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Commission your own Bespoke Research by luke-robertson



The bespoke research you invest in will undertake the same process we undertake when writing the articles forming this site.

You pose the question, myself and research assistants will go ahead and provide you with a data-driven answer.

Questions could range from;
  • What University should I study at?
  • Why should or shouldn’t I live in x city?
  • Where should I next travel to on holiday?

You will receive a 30 minute consultation and 4 hours of research (minimum), with an un-defined length of time placed into the presentation of the research (we’ll keep going until we’re happy).

Your question is answered, with a data-driven basis, providing you with actionable insight – it’s really that simple 🙂

Please provide us with the following information on the check-out page; Question, Hypothesis, Data-Source of Interest, etc.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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