If you’re not fully committed to purchasing the complete Bespoke Research package, then an initial consultation may be of use.

An initial consultation will help you better understand how we can answer your questions, with a data-driven basis. Great for those who are intrigued by the approach!

We will have a discussion, roughly 30 minutes in length, to discuss the question you currently have in mind. We will then walk through our process of answering your question.

The process you would invest in is the same process we undertake when writing the articles forming this site.

Questions could range from;
  • What University should I study at?
  • Why should or shouldn’t I live in x city?
  • Where should I next travel to on holiday?

Please note, if you do decide to go-ahead and purchase the Bespoke Research package, we will provide a discount code to refund the cost of your initial consultation! (an extra consultation free of charge!)

Empowering you for your own greater good, and those around you, via innovative methodologies, underpinned by data-driven insight! It really is that simple 🙂


Hope to hear from you soon!


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