Counting Kick Ups – Gone Are the Days of Being Distracted

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Overview & Introduction

Football is the most popular sport on the planet! People love playing, watching and even reading about football. An Estimated 265 Million people worldwide play football actively.

Although I’m not a football follower, I am a fan of the spin-off game, Kick Ups, or ‘Keepy-Uppy’. Simply put, it is the skill of ball-juggling. To keep a ball in the air for as long as possible by bouncing it off any part of the body that is allowed in the rules of football. Typically the ball is kept up using the feet and head.

It is a fun game that can be played individually or between friends, either keeping track of the ‘number’ individually or as a group. The higher the ‘number’ of kick-ups, the better! The current world record is an astonishing 25000 kick-ups!

The Problem

Whilst it’s great fun, keeping an accurate count of the number can be a bit challenging. Some may even say it’s a huge distraction, blaming the counting as a reason for a poor turn (guilty). Which, is today’s problem… being distracted whilst playing keepy-uppy!

Believe it or not, there’s some science to it – according to the American Psychological Association, carrying out two tasks simultaneously takes a toll on productivity. Psychologists have discovered that the mind and the brain are not designed for heavy multitasking, it actually splits the brain.

Doing kick-ups in itself is not something that you can do straight away, it takes practice, a bit like learning to count. So is it any wonder, that when we join the activities it is such a challenge?

Visualising the Data

0 mil.

Number of Football Players in the world: 265 million

World Record of Keepy-Uppies: 25000 (Can you imagine trying to keep count!)
0 bil.
Estimated Revenue from Mobile apps by 2020: $189 Billion
0 bil.
Estimated Revenue of sports, fitness & activity monitor devices by 2019: $2.8 Billion

They say pictures speak a thousand words.

Those numbers are pretty impressive…


Necessity might be the mother of inventions, but play is certainly the father”  – Roger Von Oech

The idea is to have an intelligent piece of software (an app, or even better, software integrated within a current platform) that would count kick-ups. It should make use of hardware technology available within the majority of smartphones today, preventing the need for a new purchase.  Having a pedometer is possible, so why not counting kick-ups?

The real genius, is when the software starts to not only track your personal progress, but can also link in with your friends when you partake as a group. This would provide a group total, as well as analytics to see how you all performed. This could then feed into a global leader-board – football is a competitive sport after-all!

There are already some devices out there that can count kick-ups. There are some devices that have a sensor in the ball, which keeps count. However, these balls don’t feel like the real thing, and also cost more. There is also another counter, which works by strapping a sensor on the foot. Again, this requires purchase of a separate article and the price is again a factor – neither are ideal!


  • Reduces distraction from Kick-ups
  • Makes Kick-ups more enjoyable
  • Increases a healthy spirit of sportsmanship
  • The investment required for a reliable piece of software could be costly
  • It will be easy to tap into the current pool of people interested in Football
  • Increasing number of challenges & competitions of kick-ups
  • Existing devices becoming more affordable
  • Development of new & easier to use technology


Some may say counting is all part of the run, others may say to hell with it – untill we try it, how can we really be sure? I personally think I would be a fan, how about you?

What do you think about this idea? Do you feel it would add value? What would you do differently, if at all? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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