Learn Through Musical AI – A Song to Remember, with an Idea that Helps Your Grades

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Overview & Introduction

If you love classical music (or movies), you might recall ‘A Song to Remember’ as a 1945 movie about Chopin. But this post is not really a tribute to Chopin or that movie. Today’s idea is literally about using a song to remember (and learn..).

If I asked you to explain some of the theories or texts you learned back in school, you are quite likely to draw a blank. Not to worry, you aren’t the only one. Even I don’t remember many of the theories I learned in my school days. What if you come across a song that was a hit, whilst you were at school? The result is almost magical! You immediately recall all the lyrics and sing along, even though you haven’t heard the song in years. I’m sure this is something you must have experienced at some point in time. So how do we do it? While we can’t recall most of the ‘academic’ stuff we were taught in school, we have no problem recalling songs.

There have been a few studies on this topic. Some factors for why we remember (and forget) stuff are cues and repetition. The more powerful the cue to a certain memory, the more easily you remember it. So the more context or connections a memory has, the more likely you are to remember it. In the same way, if you learn something with spaced repetition, you tend to remember it better.

Music psychologist Vicky Williamson feels there are at least 3 reasons why we remember lyrics well. The first reason is mere exposure. Most people have no idea how often they have listened to their favourite songs. But it adds up to hundreds even thousands of times. The second reason lyrics often stick is because they can be related to strong emotions. The third reason is that lyrics become part of motor memory. A common reaction to any new song we hear is to learn to sing along.

The Problem

“We can learn something new anytime we believe we can” – Virginia Satir

Simply put, the problem is we don’t remember everything we study. So what can we do to get our minds to remember that crucial theory or text for an upcoming exam? Many times we wish that learning theories were as easy as learning lyrics.

Practice and The Type of Practice you do impacts how you learn. So if we like learning and humming new songs, can we somehow use that to help us learn our theories better?

Visualising the Data

  1. Some existing uses of AI: Speech Recognition, Handwriting Recognition, Vision Systems, Artificial Neural Systems
  2. Projected Global Revenues from the AI industry for 2018 are $4.06 Billion, and $100Billion by 2025.
  3. Estimated Annual Revenue of Amper (AI Music Writer): $3 Million. Funding raised by Amper: $4 Million


A tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert boring theories into songs. So you truly have a song to remember!

AI is already finding use in learning. Some recent AI teaching softwares are able to identify areas where students are deficient and focus on that content. Advanced versions can generate new problems from source material. Now let’s look at the use of AI in creating music. AI composed songs made the news some time back, and it’s likely to become more frequent. There is also an online app that allows you to convert your text into a musical notes.

The monthly search volumes on google for the string ‘learning apps’ is 100K-1M. Similarly, the monthly search volumes for the string ‘how to improve memory’ are 10K-100K. So there are people out there looking for a new way remember and memorise.



  • Makes learning easier
  • Never been done before
  • Difficult to create an AI that will cover theories or texts that are technical in nature.
  • Will only appeal to the segment that likes music.
  • Create a new technique of memorising, which will be something very different from existing techniques.


Today’s idea is all about using the latest tech to create a new (and fun!) way of learning and remembering. I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea. If you have any suggestions to improve the idea or discuss further, I would love to engage with you!

How would you improve the idea? Or, are you still not sold on the concept? Are you there already, and want some further content?

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